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The Anthropology of Cyberspace(FYS 103-14) is a spring semester, 2014 freshman writing class at Simmons College in Boston. For this innovative new program faculty members were challenged “to teach an area of personal and/or research interest with an explicit focus on the development of critical reading, writing, and analysis. Topics within these courses should encourage intellectual curiosity, college-level thinking, and substantive argument.” Course sections are limited to a maximum of 18 students.

Here’s the official course description:

In this course you will be challenged to think critically about the ubiquitous role of cyberspace in your personal, social, and intellectual life. We will utilize the anthropological research techniques of autoethnography and participant observation as well as a wide variety of media (e.g. social networking tools, scholarly research, science fiction, popular film) to gain analytical distance and address fundamental questions about the origins, experience, and future of cyberspace. During the course of our shared explorations we will also address digital divide issues such as race, class, gender, geography, and age.

The course includes a Wikipedia assignment to give students the experience of working collaboratively in cyberspace and provide experience in a writing genre that is far removed from the typical academic essay. The students will work in small groups to substantially improve selected stub articles about prominent women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. These articles (aka STEM stubs) will be selected under the guidance of our campus ambassador, User:Girona7.

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Class participants[edit]

Suggested articles for expansion and/or cleanup[edit]


The following is a sampling of suggested articles to create or add upon. However, feel free to come up with your own ideas! Helpful updates could be as simple as: Making sure reference links are still appropriate and functional; Adding new inline citations/references; Adding a photo; Adding an infobox; Adding data to more fields in an existing infobox; Creating headings; Adding categories; etc.

Women in STEM Resources[edit]

Note: Wikipedia pages that include lists of important women are all missing plenty of key people, so feel free to add to those lists

Editing Wikipedia Resources[edit]

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