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What pages are you interested in creating or improve?[edit]

Each student should list the 3-4 pages they want to create or improve here. Be sure to sign your entry wiki code style with four tildes: ~~~~. This will automatically generate your wiki username, a link to your 'talk' page, and a timestamp. We will create groups out of people working on related topics and provide you with a TED groupwork space to share research tips and advice. Facebook: It can be a great social networking medium, but it can also create some personal issue among co-workers and bosses. There have been some cases where people have lost their jobs because individuals broadcasted the wrong emotions. Andodel (talk) 23:46, 9 May 2014 (UTC)

Posting to a Wikipedia article is the beginning of an assignment, not the end[edit]

Hey guys! Wikipedia is a volunteer collaborative community, and when anyone posts content here, real human volunteers review it. It is stressful when classes post lots of content all over Wikipedia without planning to follow up on it. While the community appreciates the donation, sharing information without following through with responding to community feedback is like donating dirty laundry to a charity. Any donation is appreciated, and maybe the charity can clean it or maybe not, but in any case, better to donate clean things or at least stay and help clean up the mess. If the laundry is too dirty and workers are not available then perhaps it will all be thrown away, and the charity volunteers will feel bad.

I see on your schedule that the plan is for the assignment to end on 11 June, and also for students to post to Wikipedia by that day. What a mess! Real humans have to respond to this! As a matter of social obligation, would all students who post content to Wikipedia please follow up with the response on Wikipedia for at least the next four weeks? Please consider our volunteers' perspectives.

I regret to say at least some coursework being submitted will not stand on Wikipedia without significant further development. I wish this content could have been posted weeks ago. Blue Rasberry (talk) 13:47, 10 June 2014 (UTC)