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Assam is a state in northeastern India. In 2011, the literacy rate of Assam was estimated to be 73.18% (78.81% male and 67.27% female).[1] The literacy rate of Assam is slightly below the national average of 74.04%.[1]


School children in the classroom, Lakhiganj High School, Assam

School education in Assam is imparted through a number of pre-primary, primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools. The Government of Assam has implemented free and compulsory education for students up to the age of 14. Schools in Assam are either state run or under the management of private organizations. The syllabus at primary schools is established by the Directorate of Elementary Education, Assam. While most schools are affiliated to SEBA, there are several schools in the state affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or North East National Board of School Education (NENBSE).[citation needed]


Tezpur Central University : A panoramic view of administrative buildings
Administrative Office of the Dibrugarh University

State institutions[edit]

The state has several higher education institutions. These include :

Private institutions[edit]

There are four private universities:


Law Colleges[edit]

There are several Law Colleges of Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University, and Assam University :

  • BRM Govt. Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • NEF Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • J.B. Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India,UGC)[citation needed]
  • Dispur Law College(Gauhati University)[citation needed]
  • Tezpur Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Jorhat Law College(Dibrugarh University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • A.K.Chanda Law College(Assam University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • D.H.S.K Law College(Dibrugarh University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Barpeta Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Tinsukia Law College(Dibrugarh University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Goalpara Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Dhubri Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Diphu Law College(Assam University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Dr. Rohini Kanta Barua Law College(Dibrugarh University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Golaghat Law College(Dibrugarh University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Mangaldai Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Nalbari Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • North Lakhimpur Law College(Dibrugarh University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Nowgong Law College(Gauhati University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Karimganj Law College(Assam University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]
  • Sibsagar Law College(Dibrugarh University,Bar Council of India)[citation needed]

Medical Colleges[edit]

Medical Colleges in Assam include:

Engineering Institutes & Colleges[edit]

There are several Engineering Colleges of Gauhati University Dibrugarh University, Assam University, Tezpur University in Assam :

  • Assam Engineering College
  • Assam Professional Academy (APA)
  • Bineswar Brahma Engineering College (BBEC)
  • Central Institute of Technology (CIT Kokrajhar)
  • Don Bosco College of Engineering and Technology
  • Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management and Technology - GIMT Guwahati
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology - IIIT Guwahati
  • Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Guwahati
  • Jorhat Engineering College
  • Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology - JIST
  • National Institute of Technology - NIT Cachar
  • National Power Training Institute - NPTI Guwahati
  • NETES Institute of Technology and Science Mirza (NITS Mirza)
  • Royal School of Engineering and Technology
  • Scholar's Institute of Technology and Management
  • Tezpur University

Other Colleges[edit]

Cotton College of Gauhati University

There are several colleges of Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University, Assam University, and Tezpur University which offer studies leading to granting the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Science degrees:

Colleges of Gauhati University[edit]

  1. A.D.P. College, Nagaon (Nagaon)
  2. Abhayapuri College, Abhayapuri (Bongaigaon)
  3. Agia College, Agia (Goalpara)
  4. Alamganj Rangamati College, Alamganj (Dhubri)
  5. Alhaz Sunai Bibi Choudhury College, Lanka (Nagaon)
  6. Amrit Chandra Thakuria Commerce College (Kamrup)
  7. Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College, Nagaon
  8. Anunduram Baruah Academy B.Ed. College, Pathsala (Barpeta)
  9. Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati
  10. Asian Institute of Management and Technology, AIMT, Bhaskar Nagar (Guwahati)
  11. Asian Institute of Nursing Education, G.N.R.C. Campus, Dispur
  12. Asom Sikshak Prasikshan Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati
  13. Assam Engineering College
  14. Assam Hemeopethic College
  15. Ataur Rahman College of Education, Udmari Kalgachi (Barpeta)
  16. B.H. College, Howli (Barpeta)
  17. B.H.B. College, Sarupeta (Barpeta)
  18. Bagadhar Brahma Kishan College, Jalahghat (Baksa)
  19. B.P. Chaliha College, Nagarbera (Kamrup)
  20. B. Borooah College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  21. Baihata Chariali B.Ed. College, Baihata Chariali (Kamrup)
  22. Bajali College, Pathsala (Barpeta)
  23. Bajali T.T. College, Patacharkuchi, Barpeta (Barpeta)
  24. Bamundi Mahavidyalaya, Bamundi (Kamrup)
  25. Baosi Banikanta Kakoti College, Nagaon (Barpeta)
  26. Bapujee College, Sarthebari (Barpeta)
  27. Barama College, Barama (Baksa)
  28. Barbhag College, Kalag (Nalbari)
  29. Barkhetri College, Mukalmua (Nalbari)
  30. Barnagar B.Ed. College, Sorbhog (Barpeta)
  31. Barnagar College, Sorbhog (Barpeta)
  32. Barpeta B.T. College, Barpeta
  33. Barpeta Bongaigaon College, Langla (Barpeta)
  34. Barpeta College, Barpeta
  35. Barpeta Girls' College, Barpeta
  36. Barpeta Law College, Barpeta
  37. Barpeta Road Howli College, Howli (Barpeta)
  38. Baska College, Baganpara (Baksa)
  39. Basugaon College, Basugaon (Kokrajhar)
  40. Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College, Batadraba (Nagaon)
  41. Behali Degree College, Borgang (Sonitpur)
  42. Beltola College, Guwahati
  43. Bengtol College, Bengtol (Kokrajhar)
  44. Bezara Anchalik College, Bezara (Kamrup)
  45. Bhawanipur Anchalik College, Bhawanipur (Barpeta)
  46. Bholanath College, Dhubri
  47. Bhuragaon College, Bhuragaon (Morigaon)
  48. Bijni College, Bijni (Bongaigaon)
  49. Bikali College, Dhupdhara (Goalpara)
  50. Bilasipara College, Bilasipara (Dhubri)
  51. Binandi Chandra Medhi College, Ramdia (Kamrup)
  52. Bineswar Brahma Engineering College, Kokrajhar (Kokrajhar)
  53. Birjhora Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon (Bongaigaon)
  54. Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon (Bongaigaon)
  55. Biswanath College, Chariali (Sonitpur)
  56. Biswanath College of Education, Chariali (Sonitpur)
  57. Biswanath Commerce College, Biswanath (Sonitpur)
  58. Biswanath Law College (Sonitpur)
  59. BMBB Commerce College, Guwahati
  60. Bodofa U.N. Brahma College, Dotma (Kokrajhar)
  61. Bongaigaon B.Ed. College, Bongaigaon
  62. Bongaigaon College, Bongaigaon
  63. Bongaigaon Law College, Bongaigaon
  64. Bajali Teacher's Training College, Pattacharkuchi, Barpeta.
  65. C.I.T., Kokrajhar (Kokrajhar)
  66. C.K. College, Chakla (Bongaigaon)
  67. Cahaiduar Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Kalabari, Gohpur (Sonitpur)
  68. Chaiduar College, Gohpur (Sonitpur)
  69. Chhamaria Anchalik College, Chhamaria (Kamrup)
  70. Chandrapur College, Chandrapur (Kamrup)
  71. Charaibahi College, Charaibahi (Morigaon)
  72. Chariduar College, Gohpur (Sonitpur)
  73. Chatia College, Sootia (Sonitpur)
  74. Chhaygaon College, Chhaygaon (Kamrup)
  75. Chilarai College, Golakganj (Dhubri)
  76. Chunari College (Kamrup)
  77. College of Education, Boko (Kamrup)
  78. College of Education, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  79. College of Education, Morigaon
  80. College of Education, Nagaon
  81. College of Physiotherapy & Medical Science, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  82. Commerce College, Kokrajhar (Kokrajhar)
  83. Cotton College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  84. Dr. Anita Baruah Sarmah College of Education, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  85. Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  86. Dr. B. K. B. College, Puranigudam (Nagaon)
  87. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Law College (Kamrup)
  88. Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barooah College, Puranigudam (Nagaon)
  89. Dakshin Guwahati B.Ed. College, Guwahati
  90. Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza (Kamrup)
  91. Dakshin Kamrup Girls' College, Mirza (Kamrup)
  92. Dakshin Nalbari Mahavidyalaya, Niz-Bahjani (Nalbari)
  93. Dakshinpat College, Bhomoraguri (Nagaon)
  94. Dalgoma Anchalik College, Matia (Goalpara)
  95. Damdama B.Ed. College, Kulhati (Kamrup)
  96. Damdama College, Kulhati (Kamrup)
  97. Darrang College, Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  98. Deomornoi B.Ed. College, Deomornoi (Darrang)
  99. Deomornoi Degree College, Deomornoi (Darrang)
  100. Dhamdhama Anchalik College, Dhamdhama (Nalbari)
  101. Dharamtul College, Ahatguri (Morigaon))
  102. Dharmasala College, Dharmasala (Dhubri)
  103. Dhing College, Dhing (Nagaon)
  104. Dhubri Law College, Dhubri (Dhubri)
  105. Dhubri P.G.T.T. College, Jhagrarpar (Dhubri)
  106. Dhubri Girls' College, Dhubri
  107. Dimoria College, Khetri (Kamrup)
  108. Dispur College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  109. Dispur Law College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  110. Dronacharjya College, Barpeta Road (Barpeta)
  111. Dudhnoi College, Dudhnoi (Goalpara)
  112. Dudhnoi Teachers Training College, Dudhnoi (Goalpara)
  113. Duni Degree College (Darrang)
  114. East Gauhati B.Ed. College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  115. F.A. Ahmed College, Goraimari, Tukrapara (Kamrup)
  116. Faculty College of Education, North Gauhati (Kamrup)
  117. Fakiragram College, Fakiragram (Kokrajhar)
  118. G.L. Choudhury College, Barpeta Road (Barpeta)
  119. Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  120. Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  121. Gauhati University Law College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  122. Ghanakanta Baruah College, Morigaon (Morigaon)
  123. Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  124. Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology, Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  125. Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  126. Girls' College Kokrajhar, Kokrajhar (Kokrajhar)
  127. Global Academy, Bswanath Chariali (Sonitpur)
  128. Goalpara College, Goalpara (Goalpara)
  129. Goalpara Law College, Goalpara (Goalpara)
  130. Goreswar College, Goreswar (Baksa)
  131. Gossaigaon B.Ed. College, Gossaigaon (Kokrajhar)
  132. Gossaigaon College, Gossaigaon (Kokrajhar)
  133. Govt. B.R. Medhi Law College, Guwahati
  134. Govt. B.T. College, Goalpara
  135. Govt. K.K. Handique Sanskrit College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  136. Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  137. Govt. Banikanta College of Teacher Education, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  138. Govt. College of Teacher's Education, Kokrajhar (Kokrajhar)
  139. Govt. College of Teacher's Education (CTE), Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  140. Govt. Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Nagaon (Nagaon)
  141. Guwahati College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  142. Guwahati College of Architecture, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  143. Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikashi (Baksa)
  144. Habraghat Mahavidyalaya, Krishnai (Goalpara)
  145. Haji Ajmal Ali College (Nagaon)
  146. Haji Anfor Ali College, Doboka (Nagaon)
  147. Halakura College, Mahamayahat (Dhubri)
  148. Hamidabad College, Jamadarhat (Dhubri)
  149. Handique Girls College, Guwahati
  150. Harendra Citra College, Naligaon (Barpeta)
  151. Hari Gayatri Das College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  152. Hatichong College, Hatichong (Nagaon)
  153. Hatidhura College, Hatidhura (Kokrajhar)
  154. Hatsingimari College, Hatsingimari (Dhubri)
  155. Hindustan College, Guwahati
  156. Hojai College, Hojai (Nagaon)
  157. Hojai Girls' College, Hojai (Nagaon)
  158. Imperia College of Education, Dispur (Kamrup)
  159. Indira Gandhi College, Boitamari (Bongaigaon)
  160. Institute of Strategic Business Management (ISBM), Guwahati (Kamrup)
  161. Icon Commerce College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  162. J.B. Law College, Guwahati
  163. Jagiroad College, Jagiroad (Morigaon)
  164. Jaleswar College, Tapoban (Goalpara)
  165. Jamduar College, Saraibil (Kokrajhar)
  166. Jamunamukh College, Jamunamukh (Nagaon)
  167. Janapriya College, Garemari (Barpeta)
  168. Janata College, (Serfanguri), Kokrajhar
  169. Jawaharlal Nehru College, Boko (Kamrup)
  170. Juria College, Fakuli Pathar (Nagaon)
  171. K.C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  172. K. K. Handique Govt. Sanskrit College (Kamrup)
  173. K.R.B. Girls' College, Guwahati
  174. K.R.D. College of Education, Chhaygaon (Kamrup)
  175. Kalabari College, Kalabari (Sonitpur)
  176. Kalaguru Bishnu Rabha Degree College, Orang (Udalguri)
  177. Kaliabor College, Kuwaritol (Nagaon)
  178. Kaliabor College of Education, Kuwaritol (Nagaon)
  179. Kamrup College, Chamata (Nalbari)
  180. Kampur College, Kampur (Nagaon)
  181. Kanpai Bordoloi College, Borchila (Morigaon)
  182. Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati
  183. Karmashree Hiteswar Saikia College, Guwahati
  184. Katahguri College, Tuktuki (Nagaon)
  185. Kayakuchi College, Kayakuchi (Barpeta)
  186. Khagarijan College, Chotahaibar (Nagaon)
  187. Kharupetia College, Kharupetia (Darrang)
  188. Khetri Dharmapur College, Bari (Nalbari)
  189. Khoirabari College, Khoirabari (Udalguri)
  190. Kokrajhar Government College, Kokrajhar (Kokrajhar)
  191. Kokrajhar Law College, Kokrajhar
  192. Kokrajhar Music and Fine Arts College, Kokrajhar
  193. Krishna Bora B.Ed. College, Lanka
  194. Krishanaguru Mahavidyalaya, Nasatra (Barpeta)
  195. Krishna Kanta Handique Govt. Sanskrit College, Guwahati
  196. L.C. Bharali College, Guwahati
  197. L.G.B. Girls' College, Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  198. L.G.B. Regional Institute of Mental Health, Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  199. Lachit Barphookan Commerce Academy, Morikalong (Nagaon)
  200. Lakhipur College, Lakhipur (Goalpara)
  201. Lalit Chandra Bharali College, Guwahati
  202. Lanka Mahavidyalaya, Lanka (Nagaon)
  203. Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College, Dhekiajuli (Sonitpur)
  204. Luitparia College, Kalairdia (Barpeta)
  205. Lumding College, Lumding (Nagaon)
  206. M.C. College, Barpeta (Barpeta)
  207. M.N.C. Balika Mahavidyalaya, Nalbari
  208. Madhab Choudhury College, Barpeta
  209. Madhya Kamrup College, Subha, Chenga (Barpeta)
  210. Madhya Kampeeth College, Borka, Pub-Borka (Kamrup)
  211. Manabendra Sarma Girls' College, Rangia (Kamrup)
  212. Mancachar College, Mancachar (Dhubri)
  213. Mandia Anchalik College, Mandia (Barpeta)
  214. Mangaldai Govt. Teachers' Training College, Mangaldai (Darrang)
  215. Mangaldai College, Mangaldai (Darrang)
  216. Mangaldai Commerce College, Mangaldai (Darrang)
  217. Mangaldai Degree Girls College, Magnaldai (Darrang)
  218. Mangaldai Law College, Mangaldai (Darrang)
  219. Mahatma Gandhi College, Chalantapara (Bongaigaon)
  220. Majbat College, Majbat (Udalguri)
  221. Manikpur Anchalik College, Manikpur (Bongaigaon)
  222. Mayang Anchalik College, Raja-Mayang (Morigaon)
  223. Mazbat College, Mazbat (Darrang)
  224. Milanjyoti College, Itervita (Barpeta)
  225. Missamari College, Missamari (Sonitpur)
  226. Moirabari College, Moirabari (Morigaon)
  227. Morigaon College, Morigaon (Morigaon)
  228. Morigaon Law College, Morigaon (Morigaon)
  229. Murazar College, Murazar (Nagaon)
  230. Mushalpur College, Mushalpur, (Baksa)
  231. NEF Law College, Gauhati University
  232. NITS, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  233. Nabajyoti College, Kalgachia (Barpeta)
  234. Nagaon G. N. D. G. Commerce College, Panigaon (Nagaon)
  235. Nalbari B.Ed. College, Nalbari
  236. Nalbari College, Nalbari
  237. Nalbari Commerce College, Nalbari
  238. Nalbari Law College, Adya Bharati Nagar (Nalbari)
  239. Nalbari Sanskrit College, Nalbari (Nalbari)
  240. Narangi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  241. National Institute for Teacher Education, Khetri (Kamrup)
  242. Navasakti College, Majgoan (Barpeta)
  243. Nirmal Haloi College, Patacharkuchi (Barpeta)
  244. Nonoi College, Nonoi (Nagaon)
  245. North Guwahati College, Guwahati
  246. North Kamrup College, Baghmara (Barpeta)
  247. Nowgong College, Nagaon
  248. Nowgong Girls' College, Nagaon
  249. Nowgong Law College, Nagaon
  250. Bodoland Software College, Kokrajhar
  251. P.G. College of Education, Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  252. POGL Institute of Petroleum & Energy Development, Guwahati (Kamrup)
  253. Pandu College, maligaon
  254. Paschim Guwahati Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati
  255. Paschim Barigog Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Baranghati (Kamrup)
  256. Pachim Nalbari B.Ed. College, Nalbari (Nalbari)
  257. Patidarrang College, Loch (Kamrup)
  258. Pragjyotish B.Ed. College, Pacharia
  259. Pragjyotish College, Guwahati
  260. Pramathesh Barua College, Gauripur (Dhubri)
  261. Progati College, Agomani (Dhubri)
  262. Pub-Bongsor College, Pacharia
  263. Pub-Kamrup College, Baihata Chariali (Kamrup)
  264. Puthimari College, Soneswar (Kamrup)
  265. R.C. Saharia T.T. College, Tangla (Udalguri)
  266. Rahdagovinda Baruah College, Guwahati
  267. Raha College, Ranha (Nagaon)
  268. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College, Lengtisinga (Bongaigaon)
  269. Rampur Anchalik College, Rampur (Kamrup)
  270. Rangapara College, Rangapara (Sonitpur)
  271. Rangia College, Rangia (Kamrup)
  272. Rangia Teacher Training College, Rangia (Kamrup)
  273. Ratnapith College, Chapar (Dhubri)
  274. Regional College of Nursing, Guwahati
  275. Regional Dental College, Guwahati
  276. Royal Group of Institution, Guwahati
  277. Rupahi College, Rupahi (Nagaon)
  278. S.B. Deorah College, Guwahati
  279. Salbari College, Salbari (Baksa)
  280. Samaguri College, Samaguri (Nagaon)
  281. Sapatgram College, Sapatgram (Dhubri)
  282. Saraighat College, Changsari (Kamrup)
  283. Science College, Kokrajhar (Kokrajhar)
  284. Sikshan Mahavidyalaya, Nagaon
  285. Sipajhar B.Ed. College, Sipajhar (Darrang)
  286. Sipajhar College, Sipajhar (Darrang)
  287. Sonapur College, Sonapur (Kamrup)
  288. Sontali Anchalik College, Mahatoli (Kamrup)
  289. South Salmara College, South Salmara (Dhubri)
  290. Srimanta Sankar Madhab Mahavidyalay, Bhatkuchi (Barpeta)
  291. State College of Music, Guwahati
  292. Sualkuchi Budram Madhab Satradhikar College, Sualkuchi (Kamrup)
  293. Suren Das College, Hajo (Kamrup)
  294. Swami Yogananda Giri College, Saktiashram (Kokrajhar)
  295. Swadeshi College of Commerce, Guwahati
  296. SD Junior College, TIHU
  297. T.H.B. College, Jamugurihat (Sonitpur)
  298. Tamulpur Degree College, Tamulpur (Baksa)
  299. Tangla College, Tangla (Udalguri)
  300. Teachers' Training College, Mirza (Kamrup)
  301. Tezpur College, Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  302. Tezpur Law College, Tezpur (Sonitpur)
  303. Thamna Anchalik Degree College, Thamna (Baksa)
  304. Tihu College, Tihu (Nalbari)
  305. U.N. Brahma College, Kajalgaon, (Chirang)
  306. Udalguri College, Udalguri (Udalguri)
  307. Udali College, Bamungaon (Nagaon)
  308. Uttar Barpeta College, Sankuchi (Barpeta)
  309. Uttar Kampith Mahavidyalaya, Jagara (Nalbari)
  310. Vidya Bharati College, Kendua (Kamrup)
  311. West Goalpara College, barbhita (Goalpara)
  312. West Guwahati College of Education, kotihati
  313. West Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati (Maligaon, Bari Para)

Colleges of Assam University[edit]

  1. Cachar College, Silchar
  2. Gurucharan College, Silchar
  3. Janata College, Tal. Narsingpur, Kabuganj
  4. M.C. Das College, Sonaimukh, Sonai
  5. Radhamadhab College, Silchar
  6. Nehru College, Pailapool
  7. Women's College, Silchar
  8. Silchar College,
  9. Lalit Jain Commerce College, Silchar Silcar[2]
  10. Karimganj College, Karimganj[3]
  11. Nabin Chandra College, Badarpur
  12. Ram Krishna Nagar College,
  13. Nilambazaar College
  14. Srikishan Sarda College
  15. Lala Rural College,Lala
  16. S.K Roy College Katlicherra
  17. Maibang College, Maibang
  18. B.Bodo Memorial Junior College, Maibang
  19. Maibang Degree College
  20. J.B Hagjer Junior College, Harangajao
  21. Haflong Government College
  22. Sengya Sambudhan Junior College, Haflong
  23. Diphu Government College, Diphu
  24. Diphu B.Ed. College
  25. Govt. Ayurved College
  26. Teachers’ Training College, Silchar
  27. Silchar Medical College and Hospital|Silchar Medical College, Silchar

Colleges of Dibrugarh University[edit]

  1. D.H.S.K. College, Dibrugarh
  2. D.H.S.K. Commerce College, Dibrugarh
  3. Dibru College, Dibrugarh
  4. Duliajan College, Dibrugarh
  5. D.D.R. College, Dibrugarh
  6. Duliajan Girls College, Dibrugarh
  7. Dibrugarh City College, Dibrugarh
  8. MDK Girls College, Dibrugarh
  9. Naharkatiya College, Dibrugarh
  10. NEF College of Management & Technology
  11. Namrup College, Dibrugarh
  12. Tingkhong College, Dibrugarh
  13. Khowang College, Dibrugarh
  14. Moran Commerce College, Dibrugarh
  15. Pithubor Degree Girls College, Dibrugarh
  16. Tengakhat College, Dibrugarh
  17. C.K. Hazarika College, Dibrugarh
  18. Digboi College, Tinsukia
  19. Digboi Mohila Mahavidyalaya, Tinsukia
  20. Doom Dooma College, Tinsukia
  21. Margherita College, Tinsukia
  22. Tinsukia College, Tinsukia
  23. Tinsukia Commerce College, Tinsukia
  24. Women’s College Tinsukia
  25. Kokopathar College, Tinsukia
  26. G.S. Lohia Girlsb Commerce College, Tinsukia
  27. Sadiya College, Tinsukia
  28. Janata Mahavidyalaya, Tinsukia
  29. Ledo College, Tinsukia
  30. Makum College, Tinsukia
  31. D.R. College, Golaghat
  32. D.K.D. College, Golaghat
  33. Furkating College, Golaghat
  34. H.P.B. Girls College, Golaghat
  35. J.D.S.G. College, Golaghat
  36. Kamargaon College, Golaghat
  37. Sarupathar College, Golaghat
  38. Golaghat Commerce College, Golaghat
  39. Joya Gogoi College, Golaghat
  40. Kamarbondha College, Golaghat
  41. Borpathar College, Golaghat
  42. Melamora College, Golaghat
  43. Morongi Mahavidyalaya, Golaghat
  44. CNB College, Golaghat
  45. Golaghat Pubanchalik College, Golaghat
  46. Amguri College, Sibsagar
  47. Demow College, Sibsagar
  48. Gargaon College, Sibsagar
  49. H.C.D.C. College, Sibsagar
  50. J.H.N.S. College, Sibsagar
  51. Moran College, Sibsagar
  52. Nazira College, Sibsagar
  53. Sibsagar College, Sibsagar
  54. Sibsagar Girls College, Sibsagar
  55. S.P.P. College, Sibsagar
  56. B.L.B. College, Sibsagar
  57. S.M.D. Charing, Sibsagar
  58. Sonari College, Sibsagar
  59. Sibsagar Commerce College, Sibsagar
  60. Sonari Commerce College, Sibsagar
  61. Moran Mahila Mahavidhiyalaya, Sibsagar
  62. Sapekhati College, Sibsagar
  63. Geleky College, Sibsagar
  64. Patsaku College, Sibsagar
  65. Dikhowmukh College, Sibsagar
  66. Borhat B.P.B. College, Sibsagar
  67. Dhemaji College, Dhemaji
  68. Dhemaji Commerce College, Dhemaji
  69. Gogamukh College, Dhemaji
  70. Moridhol College, Dhemaji
  71. Murkong Selek College, Dhemaji
  72. Silapathar College, Dhemaji
  73. Maskhowa College, Dhemaji
  74. Silapathar Town College, Dhemaji
  75. Sissiborgaon College, Dhemaji
  76. Jonai Girls College, Dhemaji
  77. Dhemaji Girls College, Dhemaji
  78. Simen Chapori College, Dhemaji
  79. Silapathar Science College, Dhemaji
  80. Silapathar Commerce College, Dhemaji
  81. Jiadhal College, Dhemaji
  82. PGT College Dhemaji, Dhemaji
  83. Pachim Dhemaji College, Dhemaji
  84. Bordoloni Central College, Dhemaji
  85. Kulajan College, Dhemaji
  86. Bahona College, Jorhat
  87. C.K.B. College, Jorhat
  88. D.C.B. Girls College, Jorhat
  89. C.K.B. Commerce College, Jorhat
  90. J.B. College, Jorhat
  91. Jorhat College, Jorhat
  92. Jenraimukh College, Jorhat
  93. Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya, Jorhat
  94. Sarbodhya College, Jorhat
  95. Dr. Nobin Ch. Bordoloi College, Jorhat
  96. Kakojan College, Jorhat
  97. Marioni College, Jorhat
  98. Majuli College, Jorhat
  99. N.N. Saikia College, Jorhat
  100. PG Training College, Jorhat
  101. Science College, Jorhat
  102. U.M.K. College, Jorhat
  103. Rangachachi College, Jorhat
  104. Nakachari College, Jorhat
  105. Borhula College, Jorhat
  106. Chinamora College, Jorhat
  107. Pub Majuli College, Jorhat
  108. GKB College, Jorhat
  109. Bihpuria College, Lakhimpur
  110. Dhakuakhana College, Lakhimpur
  111. Lakhimpur Girls College, Lakhimpur
  112. Lakhimpur Commerce College, Lakhimpur
  113. L.T. K College, Lakhimpur
  114. Lakhimpur Kendriya Mahavidiyalaya, Lakhimpur
  115. Madhavdeb College, Lakhimpur
  116. Nowboicha College, Lakhimpur
  117. North Lakhimpur College, Lakhimpur
  118. North Bank College, Lakhimpur
  119. O.P.D. College, Lakhimpur
  120. Sankardev Mahavidiyalaya, Lakhimpur
  121. Laluk College, Lakhimpur
  122. Brahamaputra Degree College, Lakhimpur
  123. Pub-Dikrong College, Lakhimpur
  124. Kherajkhat College, Lakhimpur
  125. Telahi Tuaram Nath College, Lakhimpur
  126. Harhi College, Lakhimpur
  127. Harmoti Science College, Lakhimpur
  128. Subansiri College, Lakhimpur
  129. Rengam Subansiri College, Lakhimpur
  130. United Tribal Degree College, Lakhimpur
  131. Demow College, Demow
  132. D.H.S.K. Law College, Dibrugarh
  133. Dr. R.K. Baruah Law College, Dibrugarh
  134. Tinsukia Law College, Tinsukia
  135. Golaghat Law College, Golaghat
  136. Jorhat Law College, Jorhat
  137. North Lakhimpur Law College, Lakhimpur
  138. Namrup College of Teacher Education, Dibrugarh
  139. Institute Parijat Academy Teacher Education, Dibrugarh
  140. College of Teacher Education, Tinsukia
  141. Digboi B.Ed. College, Tinsukia
  142. College of Teacher Education, Golaghat
  143. KBM College of Teacher Education, Jorhat
  144. Lakhimpur Post Graduate Training College, Lakhimpur
  145. PGT College, Lakhimpur
  146. Assam Satriya Sangeet Mahavidhiyalaya, Jorhat
  147. North East Institute of Management Science, Jorhat
  148. North Eastern Regional Institute of Management, Guwahati
  149. Guwahati Academy of Tertiary Education, Guwahati
  150. National College of Paramedical Science and Research Centre, Dibrugarh
  151. North East Paramedical Institute and Research Centre, Dibrugarh

Medium of instruction[edit]

The language used for instruction is usually Assamese. there are a number of schools in that also use English. English is used to teach at almost all higher educational institutions. Many State Government affiliated and all the CBSE affiliated schools in the state use English as their medium of instruction at the Higher Secondary level.[citation needed]

Other institutions[edit]

List of Senior, Pre senior, and Tital[clarification needed] Madrasa in the District of Lakhimpur.[citation needed]