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Education in Brunei
Ministry of Education
Minister of EducationHamzah Sulaiman[1]
National education budget (2018)
BudgetIncreaseB$696 million[2]
General details
Primary languagesEnglish, Malay
System typeNational

Education in Brunei is provided or regulated by the Government of Brunei through the Ministry of Education (Kementerian Pendidikan) and the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kementerian Hal Ehwal Ugama).[3] The former manages most of the government and private schools in the country where as the latter specifically administers government schools which provide the ugama or Islamic religious education.[4]

Formal education comprises compulsory, post-secondary and higher education. Compulsory education may be of two types: general education which takes twelve years and consists of pre-school, primary and secondary;[4] and Islamic religious primary education which lasts seven years and is compulsory for Muslim pupils in Brunei. General education may be attained in government or private schools, where as religious education is attained in government religious schools.

Post-secondary education may consist of sixth form, which is an extension of secondary and allows direct entrance to higher education; and technical and vocational education which are provided in government institutions and private colleges.[3] Higher education from bachelor's degree is provided in four government universities. Schooling for compulsory education is fully subsidised by the government for the citizens of Brunei and it usually extends to post-secondary and university.[5][3][4]

Although Malay is the official language of Brunei, English is the main medium of instruction in most primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities. Nevertheless, Malay is the medium of instruction for Malay- and Brunei-related subjects, as well as in religious primary schools. The latter also adopts Jawi alphabet, a Perso-Arabic script, instead of Roman alphabet. Arabic is used in Arabic religious schools and Islamic universities. Chinese may be used as a medium of instruction or as a subject in Chinese private schools.

School grades[edit]

Overview of school grades in Brunei
General[6] Religious Arabic Typical age
Pre-school 5–6
Primary Year 1 6–7
Year 2 Pre-school 7–8
Year 3 Primary I 8–9
Year 4 Primary II 9–10
Year 5 Primary III Preparatory Preparatory 1 10–11
Year 6 Primary IV Preparatory 2 11–12
Secondary Year 7 Primary V Secondary Year 7 12–13
Year 8 Primary VI Year 8 13–14
Year 9 Year 9 14–15
Year 10 Year 10 15–16
Year 11 Year 11 16–17
Sixth form Year 12 (Lower Six) Sixth form Year 12 (Lower Six) 17–18
Year 13 (Upper Six) Year 13 (Upper Six) 18–19

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