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Education in Chemistry
Editor Karen Ogilvie
Categories Chemistry education
Frequency Bimonthly
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Year founded 1964 (1964)
Country United Kingdom
ISSN 0013-1350
OCLC number 1567546

Education in Chemistry is a magazine covering all areas of chemistry education,[1] concentrating on the teaching of chemistry in secondary schools and universities.[2] The editor is Karen Ogilvie.[2] It is also available as an app for mobile devices.[3] It is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry,[4][5] which also publishes Chemistry Education Research and Practice, a peer-reviewed academic journal on the same topic.[1]

The magazine is published bimonthly, includes a blog,[6] and occasional additional 'supplements' published online.[7]

Until 2012, Education in Chemistry included InfoChem, a supplement for students. This has been replaced by a separate bimonthly publication, The Mole (ISSN 2049-2634), also published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and edited by Karen Ogilvie.[8]


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