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This article is about education in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. For education in the region, see Education in Greater St. Louis.

Education in St. Louis is provided by the St. Louis Public Schools, private schools, charter schools, several colleges and universities, and the St. Louis Public Library.

Primary and secondary education[edit]

The St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) operate more than 75 schools, including several magnet schools. SLPS operates under provisional accreditation from the state of Missouri and is under the governance of a state-appointed school board called the Special Administrative Board, although a local board continues to exist without legal authority over the district. Since 2000, charter schools have operated in the city of St. Louis using authorization from Missouri state law. These schools are sponsored by local institutions or corporations and take in students from kindergarten through high school. In addition, several private schools exist in the city, and the Archdiocese of St. Louis operates dozens of parochial schools in the city, including parochial high schools.

Colleges and universities[edit]

The city of St. Louis is home to many universities and colleges, including Saint Louis University, Harris-Stowe State University, Washington University in St. Louis (although part of Washington University is located in adjacent Clayton, Missouri), and Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.


The St. Louis Public Library operates 16 branches and a central library building, and it maintains a borrowing agreement with the adjacent St. Louis County Library.

Miscellaneous education[edit]

The St. Louis Japanese School, a Japanese weekend supplementary school holding classes for Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals, holds its classes at Webster University in nearby Webster Groves, Missouri.

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