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Education in the Falkland Islands is free and compulsory up to the end of the academic year when a child reaches 16 years of age. The Falklands follows the English education system.

Primary and Secondary Education[edit]

There are two schools in Stanley, the capital and only substantial settlement. The Infant and Junior School teaches ages 4 to 11 and the Falkland Islands Community School caters for ages 11 to 16. Other rural pupils are taught by travelling teachers. Older children can board in a hostel in Stanley so they can attend school there.[1]

All teachers are trained in the UK or other English-speaking countries. There is also a primary school at RAF Mount Pleasant that mainly serves the children of members of the British armed forces.[2] Some primary aged children who live in "camp" (the local term for the countryside) are educated remotely.

Post-16 Education[edit]

There are no post-secondary institutions on the Falklands, post-secondary studies would require travel to the UK or beyond. The Falkland Islands Government pays for qualified 16- to 18-year-olds to go to England to take A-level courses at Peter Symonds College, Winchester or to attend Chichester College to acquire National Diplomas or NVQs.[1] The government also funds higher and further education courses for over-18s, also usually in the UK, for suitably qualified students.

Almost all return to the Falkland Islands after they have completed their education and gained experience in their chosen field[3]


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