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Polish: [ˈedvart]
German: [ˈedvart]
Word/nameOld English: Ēadweard
Meaningead "Riches", "Prosperous" or "Fortune" and weard "Guardian" or "Protector"
Other names
Related namesEduard, Édouard, Eduardo, Edvard, Eduardas, Edvardas, Eddie, Ed, Edd, Ned, Ted, Woody

Edward is an English given name. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon form Éadweard, composed of the elements ead "wealth, fortune; prosperous" and weard "guardian, protector".

This term is of Indo-European origin appearing in Latin «ardŭus», Greek «αρδις» (ardis) and Sanskrit «úrdhva» which means at the tip of the dart.


The name Edward was popular in Anglo-Saxon England, but the rule of the Norman and Plantagenet dynasties had effectively ended its use amongst the upper classes.[1] The popularity of the name was revived when King Henry III of England named his firstborn son, the future Edward I of England, Edward as part of his efforts to promote a cult around Edward the Confessor, whom Henry had a deep admiration for.[2]

Variant forms[edit]

The name has been adopted in the Iberian peninsula since the 15th century, due to Edward, King of Portugal, whose mother was English. The Spanish/Portuguese forms of the name are Eduardo and Duarte. Other variant forms include French Édouard, Italian Edoardo, German and Dutch Eduard and Scandinavian/Czech Edvard.

Short forms include Ed, Eddy, Eddie, Ted, Teddy and Ned. Edward can be abbreviated as Edw.

People called Edward[edit]

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Artists and intellectuals

People surnamed Edward[edit]

  • John Edward, professional name of John Edward McGee, Jr. (born 1969), American self-proclaimed psychic
  • Trevelyan Edward (1938–1995), Sri Lankan cricketer

Fictional characters[edit]

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