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Sir Edward Abbott Parry (portrayed in 1927 in a bookplate designed for him)

Sir Edward Abbott Parry (1863–1943) was an English judge and dramatist.

Parry was born in London, the second son of John Humffreys Parry, a barrister.[1][2] Parry himself studied at the Middle Temple and was called to the Bar in 1885. He was Judge of Manchester County Court 1894-1911[3] and became Judge of Lambeth County Court in 1911. He wrote several plays and books for children.[4] He was appointed to sit on a Pensions Appeal Tribunal in the summer of 1917, which dealt with appeals against governmental decisions on military pensions, and later published a book on War Pensions: Past and Present, co-authored with Sir Alfred Codrington, another member of the Tribunal.[5]


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  • 1895: Katawampus, its Treatment and Cure. London: David Nutt (many later editions)
    • Katawampus, its treatment and cure, and the First Book of Krab. Illustrated by Archie Macgregor, coloured by Cynthia Moon. Manchester: Sherratt & Hughes, 1921
  • 1897: The First Book of Krab: Christmas stories for young and old; with illustrations by Archie MacGregor. London: David Nutt
  • 1900: Don Quixote of the Mancha. Re-told by Judge Parry. Illustrated by Walter Crane. London: David Nutt
  • 1914: The Law and The Poor. London: Smith, Elder & Co.
  • 1923: The Seven Lamps of Advocacy. London: T. Fisher Unwin


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