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Edward Aburrow senior (baptized at Hambledon, Hampshire 25 Jan 1714/1715,[1] buried at Slindon, Sussex 25 Apr 1763 [2]) was a noted English cricketer of the mid-18th century. He was a Sussex man, who played for the famous village of Slindon, where his son Edward "Curry" Aburrow was born.

Aburrow senior was reportedly a smuggler and operated under an alias of Cuddy to disguise himself.[3] This pseudonym has sometimes been used in cricket reports and scores.

Aburrow first appears in the records as a member of the Slindon Cricket Club team against London Cricket Club in the 1744 English cricket season.[4] Later that season, he played for All-England against Kent in the famous match at the Artillery Ground.[5] These two games have the earliest known scorecards.

Aburrow continued to play until at least the 1751 English cricket season. He is frequently found in single wicket contests and seems to have been very popular with the gamblers who frequented that form of cricket.[3]


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