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E. A. Newell Arber

Edward Alexander Newell Arber (5 August 1870, London - 14 June 1918, Cambridge) was an English botanist and paleontologist.[1][2]

He was a Professor at the University of Cambridge specialising in palaeobotany.


Partial list

  • 1905. Catalogue of the fossil plants of the Glossopteris flora in the department of geology, British Museum (natural history): being a monograph of the permo-carboniferous flora of India and the southern hemisphere. Ed. Longmans. 255 pp.
  • 1910. Plant life in Alpine Switzerland: being an account in simple language of the natural history of Alpine plants. Ed. J. Murray. 355 pp.
  • 1911. The Natural History of Coal. Ed. University Press. 163 pp. Reeditó en 2008 Kessinger Publ. 176 pp. ISBN 0548907919
  • 1911. The coast scenery of North Devon: being an account of the geological features of the coast-line extending from Porlock in Somerset to Boscastle in North Cornwall, Ed. J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd. 261 pp.
  • 1917. The earlier mesozoic Floras of New Zealand. Volumen 6 de New Zealand. Dep. of Mines. New Zealand Geol. Survey. Palaeontological Bulletin. 80 pp.
  • 1921. Devonian Floras. 100 pp. Reprinted in 2010 General Books LLC. 62 pp. ISBN 9781153342421

The standard author abbreviation E.Arber is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.[3]


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