Edward August Bond

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Edward August Bond
Born 31 December 1813
Hanwell, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Died 1898
Institutions British Museum

Edward August Bond was an English scientist. He was born on 31 December 1813 in Hanwell, near London. Since 1838 Bond worked in British Museum and in 1878 he became a chief librarian. The museum is indebted to him for its perfect structure, especially in the Manuscripts Department. Besides the excellent subject catalogues and articles in scientific publications, Bond published "Of the Russe Common Wealth" by Giles Fletcher the Elder (1856), "Travels" by Jeremias Horsey (1856), "Chronicon Abbatiae de Melsa" and others. In 1870 Bond together with his colleague, Edward Maunde Thompson, established a Palaeographic Society. They both published for it many facsimiles of ancient manuscripts and inscriptions.

Bond died in 1898.[1]