Edward Baldwin, 4th Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

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Edward Alfred Alexander Baldwin, 4th Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (born 3 January 1938) is a British educator and Crossbench elected hereditary peer in the House of Lords.[1]

Lord Baldwin of Bewdley was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied modern languages and law. Before entering Trinity he served from 1956 until 1958 in the armed forces. Between 1970 and 1987 he served in a variety of education positions, lastly as education officer for Oxfordshire (1980-1987).

His grandfather was Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, three-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.[2] His paternal grandmother was Lucy Baldwin. In 1970 he married the late Sarah James (d. 2001), with whom he had three sons:

  1. Hon Benedict Alexander Stanley Baldwin, styled Viscount Corvedale (b. 28 Dec 1973)
  2. Hon James Conrad Baldwin (b. 13 Mar 1976)
  3. Hon Mark Thomas Maitland Baldwin (b. 24 Jul 1980)[3]


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