Edward Belknap

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Sir Edward Belknap
Born Edward Belknap
Died 25 March 1521[1]
Occupation English court official
Spouse(s) Alice Broun
Children Elizabeth Belknap
Parent(s) Henry Belknap
Margaret Knolles

Sir Edward Belknap (died 1521) was active in the service of the English crown, both on the battlefield and as a court official, during the 15th and 16th century.

He fought for Henry VII at the battles of Stoke Field and Blackheath and possibly at other battles as well. In 1508, he was appointed to the post of "surveyor of the King's prerogative". This office gave him the power to appropriate the lands and property of anyone who had violated the king's prerogative in some way, such as conviction for a felony. Belknap's appointment was part of an effort by Henry VII to improve the royal finances. Belknap was a privy councillor for both Henry VII and Henry VIII. In 1520, he was most probably at the Field of the Cloth of Gold with Henry VIII.[1]

His heir and daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Bishopp whose son became Sir Thomas Bishopp, 1st Baronet of Parham.



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