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Edward Binnie in 1911

Edward Beveridge Binnie (1884 in Stanley, Falkland Islands — 1956 in Sandefjord, Norway)[1] was the second resident magistrate of South Georgia, serving from October 1914 to April 1927,[2][3] during which time he resided at King Edward Point.[4]

He had previously served as customs officer on East Falkland Island in 1907,[5] in which position he supervised the activities of whaling companies[6]

In 1912, Binnie became the first Resident Magistrate of Graham Land and the South Shetland Islands;[7] in 1914, he was transferred to South Georgia.

In 1922, he officiated at the funeral of Ernest Shackleton.[8][9]

In 1923, Binnie vacationed in Norway, where he met and married Margrethe Larsen; she came with him to the sub-Antarctic territories, but became homesick, and in 1927 he resigned his post so that they could move back to Norway.[5]

The Binnie Peaks of South Georgia are named in his honor.[10]


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