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Edward Blom at the Gothenburg Book Fair 2010.

Edward Blom, born 22 October 1970 in Ekerö, Sweden, is a Swedish archivist, trade historian, writer and a television personality in Sweden.

Edward Blom works as “Chef, särskilda projekt” (Head of special projects) at the “Centrum för Näringslivshistoria” (Centre for Business History in Stockholm), is the editor of the magazine Centrum för Näringslivshistoria, Företagsminnen (Business memories) and he is very much involved in the history of trade, food and beverage.

He has taken part in several programs about the history of the trade, especially for the Swedish TV channel TV8, including the series "Fredag med Edward" (Friday with Edward). In 2009, he became known to a wider audience with the series “Mellan skål och vägg med Edward Blom” (Between the bowl and the wall) with Edward Blom, where he travels around Sweden together with the economics journalist Peter Andersson, showing gastronomy and drinks and telling stories from the visited places. He appears regularly on radio, especially, in P3's "Morgonpasset".


Blom was born on Ekerö (Sweden) and is the brother of Anna Dunér. He studied humanities at the universities of Trier, Stockholm, Uppsala and Freiburg, where he became a member of Corps Suevia Freiburg . In 1996 he got a degree in archival studies.

He is one of the founders of the “Verein Corpsstudenten in Schweden” (Verein Corp. Studenten in Sweden, a board member of the “Concordia Catholica” (Catholic Concordy) and active member of “Sällskapet Emil Hildebrands Vänner” (inter alia, Society Emil Hilde's Friends) and “Par Bricole”. He was previously vice president of “Katolsk historisk förening i Sverige” (Catholic Historical Association in Sweden). He has contributed articles for a great number of journals, such as “Arv och Minne”(Heritage and Memory); “Den lille Fascikeln” (The Little Fascicles); “Katolskt magasin” (Catholic Magazine), and “Tema Arkiv”( Theme File). He is a well-known and active member in the catholic environments, and on 2008 was ordained as a Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem by the catholic bishop Anders Arborelius.


Books and eBooks[edit]

  • Deutsche, die das Stockholmer Brauereiwesen industrialisierten (2009)
  • “Handelsbilder – 125 år med Svensk Handel (2008)” [Business Pictures - 125 years with the Swedish Trade (2008)].
  • Tyskarna som industrialiserade Stockholms bryggerinäring: en studie i till Stockholm invandrade tyska bryggare och bryggeriarbetare under 1800-talets senare hälft, med inriktning på nätverk och personer (2007) [The Germans who developed Stockholm brewery industry: a study of the immigrant German brewers and brewery workers during the second half of the 1800s, with a focus on networks and people (2007)].
  • Den svenska handelns historia (2006) [History of Swedish trade (2006)].
  • Familjeföreningen Concordia Catholica 1995-2005 – Jubileumsskrift över föreningens senaste decennium med anledning av dess 110-årsjubileum (2005), tillsammans med James Blom [Concordia Catholic Family Association 1995-2005 - Anniversary Scripture of the association last decade because of its 110-year anniversary (2005), together with James Blom].
  • ICA-historien – i parti och detalj (2003) [ICA history - in the wholesale and retail (2003)].
  • Jehanders – 125 år i Stockholmarnas tjänst (1999), tillsammans med Lars Lundqvist [Jehanders - 125 years in the service of Stockholmers (1999), together with Lars Lundqvist].


  • Agape”, novell i: Anna Braw (red) Tillsammansmat (2007) ["Agape", short story in: Anna Braw (red) Tillsammansmat (2007)]
  • ”Säljande gudar och livbojar” i Identitet : om varumärken, tecken och symboler (2002) ["Selling gods and lifebuoys" in Identity: Brand, signs and symbols (2002)].
  • "Berömda arkivspex och arkivrevyer" i Tjugo år med Arkivrådet AAS (redaktörer Olle Ebbinghaus & Ulrika Grönquist) ["Famous archives Spex and archives revues" Twenty years in the Archives Council AAS (editors Olle Ebbinghaus & Ulrika Grönquist)].
  • Flera artiklar i cd/dvd:erna Söder i våra hjärtan (1998), The Ericsson Files (2001), Gamla Stan under 750 år (2002) ["Famous archives Spex and archives revues" Twenty years in the Archives Council AAS (editors Olle Ebbinghaus & Ulrika Grönquist)].

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