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Edward Dennis Fogell (born June 2, 1945) is an American producer, actor, and artistic director. He received his training from institutions such as Ted Liss School of Drama, Victory Gardens in Chicago and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Early years[edit]

Fogell also served in the US Army and served in the Army Criminal Investigation Department in Chicago. Starting in the 1960s, Edward Dennis Fogell was an accomplished guitarist and lead vocalist. Former bands included, "The Rockin' Relations", "Beveryl Wright and The Second Generations", "Rain", "Bloody Monday", "Sunnyside Up" and "Ed Fogell's Cabaret", an R&B/hard rock band and perhaps his most popular. The group toured through the United States and globally doing concerts in Hawaii, Japan, Korea, China, and other countries, serving as an opening act for many big name artists and making television appearances.

He was formerly married to Shirley Downs, Eileen Noone and Therese (Terry) Daukus-Fogell. He remarried again on February 9, 2013 to Mariam G. Shanidze-Fogell, and again to professional stage actress Anastasia Edwards.[citation needed]


Fogell produced musical variety shows in many theatres throughout the United States such as the Arie Crown Theater, Park West and Civic Opera House and also on the international set in places like Hawaii, Japan, Korea and China.[citation needed]


As a student of the arts, Edward Fogell attended Ted Liss School Of Drama, then Victory Gardens, Act One Studios in Chicago, Michael Shurtleff in New York, Gary Sherman in Los Angeles, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

A member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, Fogell acts under the professional stage name of Edward Dennis and has appeared in many stage productions such as McCleod in "Detective Story", Bill Warren in "California Suite" in Devonshire Playhouse, Lt. Weinberg in "A Few Good Men", Jude Frye in "Oklahoma" and Wood in "Otherwise Engaged".

Some television credits include the NBC soap opera "Generations", "Lady Blue", "Crime Stories" and "Unsolved Mysteries". He recreated the historic 40s-50s mob figure Willie Bioff in "The Projection Racket" for the BBC, Blood, La Femme Vampir, (Lost Girls), The Business Of Death, Six Rats, The Road Kill Theory, Sitting On The Fence, Trunk Line, Time Watch/The Projection Racket, Insomnia Last Day In Chicago, It Takes A Lot Of Light To Make A City, Time Was, The Package, and Above The Law.


Fogell founded Chicago Actors Studio in 1992 and became its Artistic Director. There he has directed numerous theater productions, features & made-for-television films, including "Paradise Lost, Paradise Found", "In The Air Tonight", and "Detective Story". He shot the TV pilot "The Cadets" in Los Angeles in 2014. He is also the President of Silver Screen Services and Complete Video Services & Film Productions, and the President of the Worldwide Entertainment Corporation.


Lifetime Achievement Award CAS,[clarification needed] Telly and Silver Hugo Award.


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