Edward Drake Building

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Edward Drake Building
Édifice Edward-Drake
Edward Drake Bldng front 1500 Riverside Ottawa.jpg
Former names CBC Building
General information
Status Complete
Architectural style Modernist
Address 1500 Bronson Avenue
Town or city Ottawa, Ontario
Country Canada
Construction started 1961
Completed 1964
Technical details
Floor count 6
Design and construction
Architect D.G. McKinstry

The Edward Drake Building (French: Édifice Edward-Drake), formerly the CBC Building, is a modernist office building in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada designed by CBC's chief architect David Gordon McKinstry and constructed between 1961 and 1964.[1]

It originally served as the headquarters of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, but significant CBC budget cutbacks in the 1990s led to the relocation of the head office staff in 1997. The building was later occupied by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) and was renamed in honour of the first Director of its predecessor organisation, the Communications Branch of the National Research Council.

The building occupies a large site bordered by Riverside Drive, Heron Road and Bronson Avenue. For more than four decades, it has been a landmark in south Ottawa as it is set apart from any other buildings, and it was particularly known for the large CBC/Radio Canada logo on one wing of the building (since removed). It has been designated as a "classified federal heritage building," which means that it is a federal government building that has been assigned the highest level of heritage protection.[1]

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