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Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1787; printed by Powars, Court Street, Boston, 1787 (State Library of Massachusetts)

Edward Eveleth Powars was a printer in Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts, in the late 18th century. He published the Independent Chronicle (1776-ca.1779),[1][2] the Boston Evening-Post (1781–1784),[3] the American Herald (1784–1790), and The Argus. He worked with Nathaniel Willis as "Powars & Willis."[4]

In 1781 he kept his "printing-office" in Boston, at "the lower end of State-Street, over Mr. Simon Eliot's snuff-store."[5] He moved to Worcester in 1788, "having been humiliatingly neglected ... for printing a free paper."[6] By 1791 he'd returned to Boston; around 1796 he lived on Temple Street.[7][8]

Around 1803 he worked "as a compositor in the office of Samuel Etheridge, in Charlestown."[9] In 1813 "he held the office of Messenger to the Governor and Council of the Commonwealth."[10][11]

"At a later period, he was a traveling bookseller, and died on one of his expeditions in the Western States."[10]


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