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Edward I. Fialkowski (b. January 25, 1952 in Szczecin, Poland) is a former activist of the Polish anti-Communist movement Solidarity; he was active in the movement from 1980 to 1988. He was a member of the Solidarity Electoral Committee in New York in 1989. He was also Chairman of the Lech Wałęsa Electoral Committee in New York City in 1990. Since 1992, when then-President Wałęsa stopped the process of de-communization and lustration in Poland, he has been a political opponent of Wałęsa. Currently he lives near Denver, Colorado in the United States.

Edward Fialkowski wrote extensively about issues concerning Poles. He was Lech Wałęsa's official observer of the Polish presidential elections at the Polish Consulate in New York. He owns a website that deals with the imposition of Martial law in Poland during the Cold War. Before leaving for the U.S., Edward Fialkowski was a regional leader of the anti-communist opposition in addition to being a member of the Solidarity trade union.

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