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A player with two bottles duct taped to his hands

Edward Fortyhands, sometimes known as Edward Ciderhands or Amy Winehands, is a drinking game in which each player duct tapes a 40-ounce or 1.14 liter bottle of alcohol (usually malt liquor, but sometimes cider, scrumpy, or wine) to each of their hands and may not remove the tape until the drinks have been consumed.[1][2][3] The name is an allusion to the movie Edward Scissorhands.


House rules differ as to whether one may finish and remove one bottle at a time, but before the alcohol in both hands has been completely ingested, the drinking party will typically need use of their hands to, for example, urinate or answer a phone call, so each participant has an incentive to finish their alcohol as quickly as possible. It can also be used as a "goal" for the game: to see who can abstain from these activities until they are finished with their drinks. In some versions, players are allowed to engage these activities so long as they can be accomplished with the alcohol still taped to their hands or if a friend is willing to help. Vomiting is sometimes considered a disqualification.

In popular culture[edit]

The game has appeared or been mentioned in several television series:

Edward Fortyhands also appears in the book Gossip Girl The Carlyles: Take A Chance On Me.[7]

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