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Sir Edward Hay Drummond-Hay (1815–1884) was a British naval officer, diplomat and colonial administrator.

He was born in England, son of Edward Drummond Hay, who was a nephew of the ninth Earl of Kinnoul, and educated at Charterhouse[1] and was a Colonel of the 5th West India Regiment from 6 November 1854 to 15 August 1863.

From 1839 to 1850 he was the President of the British Virgin Islands

From 1850 to 1855 he was the Governor of Saint Kitts

From 1856 to 3 July 1863 he was the Governor of Saint Helena.[2]

While he was governor of Saint Helena he devoted much of his attention to public works amongst which were the settlement Rupert's valley and the main drainage works of Jamestown. In 1857 the church of St. John was started, and in 1861 the church of St. Matthew at Hut's Gate was built.

In September 1860, the governor received a visit from Prince Alfred, who was an officer in the Royal Navy serving on H.M.S. Euralus.[3]

Political Summary[edit]

Government offices
Preceded by
Richard Hetherington
President of the British Virgin Islands
Succeeded by
John Cornell Chads
Preceded by
Robert James Mackintosh
Lieutenant Governor of Saint Christopher
Succeeded by
Hercules George Robert Robinson
Preceded by
Colonel Sir Thomas Gore Browne
Governor of Saint Helena
Succeeded by
Admiral Sir Charles Elliot


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