Edward Lee (billiards player)

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Edward Lee
Medal record
Men's three-cushion billiards
Representing  United States
World Three-cushion Championship
Gold medal – first place 1936 Individual

Edward Lancaster Lee (29 September 1905 – 18 May 1969)[1] was an American professional carom billiards player from New York City.


Although three-cushion billiards was popular in the United States at that time, most of the American players competed in a separate World Championship staged in their country where the likes of Willie Hoppe and Welker Cochran were the dominant contenders.[clarification needed] Edward Lee, however, was the only one among them[clarification needed] to win a UMB World Three-cushion Championship, defeating fellow American Eugene Deardof for the title in 1936.[1][2]

As an amateur, Lee (representing the exclusive New York Athletic Club) won the 1931 National Association of Amateur Billiard Players Championship, defeating Alfredo de Oro Jr., son of the famed Cuban World Champion, 50–27 in the 73rd inning, despite de Oro sweeping 16 innings in a row at one point in the match.[3]

Lee was also a top amateur long-distance swimmer.[3][1]


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Preceded by
France Alfred Lagache
UMB World Three-cushion Champion
Succeeded by
France Alfred Lagache