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Edward Ormondroyd (born 1925) is an American writer of children's books. He is best known for David and the Phoenix, a fantasy novel. His time travel novel Time at the Top was filmed for television in 1999.[1]

Ormondroyd was born in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Pennsylvania and Michigan before serving two years on a destroyer escort in World War II.[2] After the war he attended the University of California at Berkeley, earning a Bachelor's degree in English and a masters in Library Science. In 1970 he moved from Berkeley to Newfield a small town west of Ithaca, New York. As of 2007 he lives in Trumansburg, New York.[3]


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  • The Tale of Alain, illus. Robert Frankenberg (Follett Publishing, 1960)
  • Time at the Top, illus. Peggie Bach (Parnassus, 1963)
  • Jonathan Frederick Aloysius Brown, illus. Suzi Spector Ormondroyd (San Carlos, CA: Golden Gate Junior Books, 1964)[5]
  • Theodore, illus. John M. Larrecq (Parnassus, 1966)
  • Michael, the Upstairs Dog, illus. Cyndy Szekeres (Dial Press, 1967)
  • Broderick, illus. Larrecq (Parnassus, 1969)
  • Theodore's Rival, illus. Larrecq (Parnassus, 1971)
  • Castaways on Long Ago, illus. Ruth Robbins (Parnassus, 1973)
  • Imagination Greene, illus. John Lewis (Parnassus, 1973)
  • All in Good Time, illus. Robbins (Parnassus, 1975) – sequel to Time at the Top
  • Johnny Castleseed, illus. Diana Thewlis (Houghton Mifflin, 1985)


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