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Edward Saunders, FRS (1848–1910) was an English entomologist, who specialised in Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Hymenoptera.[1]


He was born at East Hill, Wandsworth, on 22 March 1848, the youngest of seven children of William Wilson Saunders.[2]

He was a businessman associated with Lloyds Bank, studying entomology in his spare time. His Catalogus Buprestidarum of 1871 was 'a work whose importance was immediately recognised, and which has ever since remained a classic. In order to render the synonymies ... as reliable as possible, he undertook the only foreign tour of his life, visiting in succession all the chief museums of Europe and examining personally the types'.[3]

Saunders was a Fellow of the Entomological Society, the Linnean Society and the Royal Society (FRS, June 1902[4]). He died at Bognor on 6 February 1910, and was buried in Brookwood Cemetery. [2]


In 1872, Saunders married Mary Agnes Brown; they had eight sons and four daughters.[2]


Saunders published, with scientific papers in entomological journals:

  • 1871 Catalogus Buprestidarum synonymicus et systematicus Janson, London.
  • 1892 The Hemiptera Heteroptera of the British Islands London.[5] Scans of plates
  • 1896, The Hymenoptera Aculeata of the British Isles London.[1], Scanned


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