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Edward Vickers (1804-1897) was the founder of Naylor Vickers & Co. which became Vickers Limited.


Vickers was a successful miller who invested his money in the railway industry.[1] In 1828 he gained control of his father-in-law's steel foundry business, formerly Naylor & Sanderson, and renamed it Naylor Vickers & Co.[2] He went on to be Alderman and the Mayor of Sheffield and was the first President of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce before he died in 1897.[1]


In 1828 he married Anne Naylor, they had seven children (George Naylor (1830-1889), Thomas Edward (1833-1915), Sarah Ann (1836-1919), Albert (1838-1919), Frederick (1840-?), Gertrude L. (1845-?) and Isabel (1847-?)).[1]


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