Edward and Friends

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Edward and Friends
Written by Michael Cole
Directed by Jeff Newitt
Jo Pullen
Martin Pullen
Starring Bernard Cribbins
Royce Mills
Bill Pertwee
Sheila Steafel
Opening theme Mike Batt
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 20
Running time 5 minutes
Original network BBC2
Original release 1987

Edward and Friends was a children's TV series in claymation from FilmFair that aired on British and Canadian television in 1987. Each episode was 5-minutes in length and was based on LEGO's successful Fabuland theme that lasted for 10 years from 1979 to 1989.

Edward Elephant was the main character in the show and the episodes were centred on him and his many friends including Bonnie Bunny and Max Mouse.

It was Lego's first foray into animation and television in general.

Bernard Cribbins provided the voice-over for the show. Written by Michael Cole with music by Mike Batt. A FilmFair London Production.

List of Fabuland characters[edit]

  • Barty Bulldog
  • Billy Bear
  • Bruno Bear
  • Barney Bear
  • Buster Bulldog
  • Bertie Bulldog
  • Boris Bulldog
  • Bonnie Bunny
  • Carol Cat
  • Catherine Cat
  • Charlie Cat
  • Chester Chimp
  • Clara Cow
  • Clive Crocodile
  • Joe Crow
  • Dr. David Dog
  • Edward Elephant
  • Ernie Elephant
  • Freddy Fox
  • Gabriel Gorilla
  • Gertrude Goat
  • George Goat
  • Hannah Hippopotamus
  • Hugo Hog
  • Harry Horse
  • Henry Horse
  • Lisa Lamb
  • Lucy Lamb
  • Lionel Lion
  • Mike Monkey
  • Marjorie Mouse
  • Marc Monkey
  • Max Mouse
  • Morty Mouse
  • Patricia Pig
  • Percy Pig
  • Peter Pig
  • Perry Panda
  • Paulette Poodle
  • Paul Parrot
  • Robby Rabbit
  • Ricky Raccoon
  • Roger Raccoon
  • Sandy Seagull
  • Walter Walrus
  • William Walrus

Video releases[edit]

Two VHS videocassettes of Edward and Friends were published,[by whom?] which together comprised all but three episodes: "Christmas in Fabuland", "Catherin's Cake", and "Edward and the Big Balloon".

Volume 1:

  1. Edward Gets the Hiccups
  2. Lionel's Party
  3. Boris Gets a Scooter
  4. Clive's Kite
  5. Bertie's First Case
  6. Edward and the Camera
  7. Edward Joins the Band
  8. Edward Goes Jogging
  9. Wilfred's Treasure

Volume 2:

  1. Edward to the Rescue
  2. The Play
  3. A Day for Skating
  4. Bonnie and the Mole
  5. Max and the Rainbow
  6. Wilfred's Rocking Chair
  7. Edward Tries to help
  8. Lionel's Car
  9. A Robot for Max


In addition, there were also a series of seven books published by Ladybird Books Inc. The books have the same title as the TV series episodes and used still photos from the TV show. Each book contains 2 stories except Christmas in Fabuland The list of books available were:


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