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Edwards is a dispersed rural community[1] at the headwaters of Bear Brook in the Osgoode Ward of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. According to the Canada 2011 Census, the surrounding blocks had a population of 346.[2]

Edwards was named[3] in 1901 after William Cameron Edwards (1844-1921).[4] Edwards was a lumberman, MP for Russell 1887 -1903 and a senator. From 1898 to 1957 Edwards was a flag stop for the New York and Ottawa Railway.New York Central Railway with a station and siding and telegraph operator were here until the tracks were torn up in 1957.[5]

Edwards has many small businesses golf courses and auto mechanics, and has had their own Post Office. The post office has been in the same family since around 1900.[citation needed]

There is a city run park and an Orange Lodge and now there is a solar farm at Parkway and Yorks Corners roads.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 45°19′23″N 75°28′01″W / 45.3231°N 75.4670°W / 45.3231; -75.4670