Edwin Erickson (Alberta politician)

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Edwin Erickson is a Canadian politician from Calgary, Alberta. He was the leader of the Alberta Party from January to October 2010.[1] He has been active in Alberta politics since 2004. Prior to joining the Alberta Party, he served as the Deputy Leader of the Alberta Green Party and placed second as the Green Party candidate in Drayton-Valley Calmar in the 2004 and 2008 provincial elections.[2] Outside politics he enjoys reading, writing, music, history, languages, skiing, curling, nature, and rural living. He has two grown children in Edmonton and Wetaskiwin and three grandchildren.

Electoral record[edit]

2004 general election[edit]

Drayton Valley-Calmar results[2] Turnout 46.21%
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
     Progressive Conservative Tony Abbott 5,225 59.30%
Green Edwin Erickson 929 10.54%
     Liberal Laura Higgerty 890 10.10%
Alberta Alliance Viona Cunningham 766 8.69%
     NDP Lynn Oberle 642 7.29%
     Social Credit Thomas Cliff 243 2.76%
     Independent Elmer Knopp 116 1.32%
Total 8,811 100%
Rejected Ballots 68

2008 general election[edit]

Drayton Valley-Calmar results Turnout 51.7%
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
     Progressive Conservative Diana McQueen 5,979 58.4%
Green Edwin Erickson 1,970 19.3%
Wildrose Alliance Dean Schmale 1,042 10.2%
     Liberal Norma Block 847 8.3%
     NDP Luanne Bannister 386 3.8%
Total 10,224 100%