Edwin Frederick Brotze

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Edwin Frederick Brotze
Edwin Frederick Brotze caricature.jpg
Caricature of Edwin Frederick Brotze, done by one of the members of the Seattle Cartoonists' Club for the club's 1911 book about famous Seattleites.
Born May 28, 1868
San Antonio, Texas
Died December 6, 1939
Seattle, Washington
Known for editorial cartoons, drawing

Edwin Frederick Brotze (1868–1939) was a newspaper illustrator and editorial cartoonist.[1] He grew up in California, where he went to St Mary's College in Moraga.[1] He worked in newspapers in Chicago (c.1900) and Los Angeles (c.1900 to 1905) and in 1906 ended up in Seattle, where he worked for The Seattle Times until his death.[1] He was known for his caricatures and editorial cartoons.

He participated in the making of three different cartoon vanity books. It was fashionable around the turn of the century for the wealthy to have themselves caricatured or drawn in books, in the style of the editorial cartoons, a sign of how important they were. He participated in Californians as We See Them, a Volume of Cartoons and Caricatures (1906),[2] Oregonians "As We See *Em," Cartoon and Caricatures of Portland Citizens (1906),[3] and The Cartoon; A Reference Book of Seattle's Successful Men (1911).[4] The last book was done as a member of the Seattle Cartoonists' Club.