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Portrait of Edwin Pugh

Edwin William Pugh (1874 - 5 February 1930) was an English writer. He published 33 books, primarily novels and short story collections, and focused on working-class "cockney school" storylines.

The Modernist Journals Project finds that "Pugh's fiction largely goes unread today, and those critics who have read him generally accuse him of sentimentality and melodrama."[1] He also wrote literary criticism praising the works of Charles Dickens.[2]


After positive reviews of his first two books, A Street in Suburbia (1895) (a collection of short stories, published when he was 21 years old)[3] and The Man of Straw (1896), Pugh left his job as a clerk to write full-time.[1] After a few years of good fortune, however, Pugh's working class output lost favor, and he struggled with poverty for the rest of his life.[4] He died in London on February 5, 1930.[5]


Works published by Pugh include:[6]

  • A Street In Suburbia (1895)
  • The Man of Straw (1896)
  • Tony Drum: a Cockney Boy (1898)
  • King Circumstance (1898)
  • The Rogue's Paradise: An Extravaganza (1898) (with Charles Gleig)
  • Mother-sister (1900)
  • The Heritage (1901) (with G. Burchett)
  • The Stumbling-Block (1903)
  • The Fruit of the Vine (1904)
  • The Purple Head (1905)
  • The Spoilers (1906)
  • The Shuttlecock (1907)
  • The Broken Honeymoon (1908)
  • Charles Dickens: The Apostle of the People (1908)
  • The Enchantress (1908)
  • Peter Vandy: a biography in outline (1909)
  • The Mockingbird (1910)
  • The Charles Dickens Originals (1912)
  • The City of the World: A Book About London and the Londoners (1912)
  • Harry the Cockney (1912)
  • The Proof of the Pudding (1913)
  • Punch and Judy (1914)
  • The Cockney at Home: Stories and Studies of London Life and Character (1914)
  • The Phantom Peer: An Extravaganza (1914)
  • The Quick and The Dead: A Tragedy of Temperaments (1914)
  • A Book of Laughter (1916)
  • Slings and Arrows: A Book of Essays (1916)
  • The Eyes of a Child (1917)
  • The Great Unborn: A Dream of To-morrow (1918)
  • The Way of the Wicked (1921)
  • The Secret Years: Further Adventures of Tobias Morgan (1923)
  • The World Is My Oyster (1924)
  • Empty Vessels (1926)

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