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Edwin Sharp Burdell (February 2, 1898 – August 30, 1978) [1][2] was Director of Cooper Union for 22 years [3] and the first Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences [4] at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[5] [6]

Dr. Burdell was also Resident Consultant of the Cranbrook Institutes in the early '60's. His responsibility was to help coordinate the activities of the six Cranbrook Institutions.


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  • Burdell, Edwin Sharpe (1933). An adventure in education for the unemployed; A report and comment on two six weeks sessions of a free school for the unemployed. Columbus, Ohio: The Ohio State University. Retrieved 2015-02-24. ... the young draftsman ... slumped over on the table in a faint. ... this pale but courageous youth replied, "Well, you see we aren't the kind that takes charity or relief and this morning there just wasn't enough food to go around . . . just enough for the kids and I figured I could get by without any today, but I guess the joy of getting back to the old drafting board was a bit too much, but I'll be O.K." 
Preceded by
Gano Dunn
President of Cooper Union
1951 —
Succeeded by
Richard F. Humphreys