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Edy J. Korthals Altes, (born 5 March 1924 in Vught, Netherlands) studied economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a former Dutch diplomat, resigned in 1986 from his post as ambassador in Madrid in connection with his public stand on the arms race. He married Deetje Meijer in 1950.

Career in Foreign Service[edit]

  • Served in New York; Colombo; Paris (Economic Committee of the OEEC);
  • The Hague; Bonn (‘62-’67) CounsellorPress/Cultural Affairs;
  • Rome (’67-’70) Counsellor Economic Affairs;
  • Djakarta (’70- ’72) Minister Plenipotentiary-Deputy Head of Mission;
  • Brussels (’73- ’77) Deputy Permanent Representative European Communities;
  • Warsaw (’77-’80) Ambassador; The Hague (‘80-’82) Head of Foreign Service;
  • Madrid (’83- ’86) Ambassador.


After 1986, Edy Korthals Altes has been an outspoken proponent of global peace and security, inter-religious cooperation, and spiritual renewal as Vice Chairman of the Dutch chapter of the Pugwash Movement (1987-’95), Chairman of the Section International Affairs of the Netherlands Council of Churches (1990-’96), Co-president EECOD(European Ecumenical Commission on Development, 1991-’93), Member EKD Advisory Commission for Development Affairs (1992-’97, Germany) and President of the World Conference of Religions for Peace WCRP (1994-’99, Honorary president (1999-2004). He is currently a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.


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Contributions to third party publications[edit]

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