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Eek & Meek
Author(s) Howie Schneider
Current status / schedule Ended
Launch date September 5, 1965
End date March 25, 2000
Syndicate(s) Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA)
Genre(s) Humor

Eek & Meek was an American gag-a-day comic strip by Howie Schneider which ran from 1965 to 2000, syndicated by Newspaper Enterprise Association.

The strip featured the foibles of the two title characters. Eek, an aggressive alcoholic, was always seen with a bowler hat and a beard stubble. Meek was exactly as his name implies. Supporting characters included Meek's love interest, Monique, rebellious kid Luvable and his friend Freaky.

Unusually, the characters began as anthropomorphic mice only to morph into humans as of the February 8, 1982 strip.[1]

Collected editions[edit]


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