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Hoofdstraat, Een
Hoofdstraat, Een
Coordinates: 53°4′32″N 6°23′38″E / 53.07556°N 6.39389°E / 53.07556; 6.39389
Country Netherlands
Province Drenthe
Municipality Noordenveld
Population (2004) 829

Een [eːn] is a village in the Netherlands. It is part of the Noordenveld municipality in Drenthe. Een has an altitude of 6 meters (22 feet).

In the Dutch language "een" is an article which means "a" or "an". It should not be confused with the number one, which is written as "één". Coordinates: 53°4′N 6°24′E / 53.067°N 6.400°E / 53.067; 6.400