Eenasul Fateh

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Eenasul Fateh
Native name ঈনাসুল ফাতেহ
Born Eenasul Fateh
(1959-04-03) 3 April 1959 (age 59)
Washington, D.C., United States
Residence London, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Other names Aladin
Education International relations
Alma mater London School of Economics
Occupation Magician, live artist, cultural practitioner
Parent(s) Abul Fateh (father)
Mahfuza Fateh [née Banu] (mother)
Relatives Anatul Fateh (brother)

Eenasul Fateh (Bengali: ঈনাসুল ফাতেহ; born 3 April 1959), also known by his stage name Aladin, is a Bangladeshi-British cultural practitioner, magician, live artist and former international management consultant.


Eenasul Fateh with family (from left to right; Anatul Fateh, Abul Fateh, Mahfuza Fateh, Eenasul Fateh) in London in 1977

Fateh was born in Washington, D.C., United States. He has lived in Geneva, Paris, Prague, Baghdad, Algiers, Calcutta, Delhi, Lahore, Karachi and London. He is the son of the Bangladeshi diplomat, statesman, Sufi, and first Bangladeshi foreign secretary Abul Fateh.[1]



From 2000 to 2004, Aladin was Co/Vice-Chair of the Mayor of London's Cultural Strategy Group.[2]

In 2003, Fateh (along with several members of his family) appeared in the documentary film Roxanna's Story, part of the "National Geographic" series 'Running for Freedom' about Londoners whose lives were affected by tyranny in their or their ancestors’ countries of origin.[3]

Live art and magic[edit]

Fateh is also a magician, described in 1999 by The Times, as "an extraordinary magician, performer and artist." In 2005, Aladin's sleight of hand magic was showcased in the international film project Book of Cool.[4] In 2007, Aladin played himself in the Universal Pictures film Magicians.[5][6]

Fateh's ventures in entertainment include being commissioned by private clients in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo as well as in London (Hurlingham Club, Sanderson Hotel, Peacock House etc.), opening onstage for Paul Weller, Beth Orton and Mark E. Smith, entertained at Alexander McQueen’s official London Fashion Week after-party.[7]

Also as Master of Ceremonies and co-organiser of the world’s biggest magic event featuring 800 magicians from around the world which had a combined live theatre and television audience of hundreds of millions in Bangalore, India.[7]


Aladin is one of only two Golden Turban members of the Magic Academy of Bangalore, India, guardians of the world's oldest magic tradition. He was named International Magician of the Year 1991, winner of the Golden Turban Award 1997,[8] and has been a Selected Artist at the National Review of Live Art UK.[7]

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