Effective renal plasma flow

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Parameter Value
renal blood flow RBF=1000 ml/min
hematocrit HCT=40%
renal plasma flow RPF=600 ml/min
filtration fraction FF=20%
glomerular filtration rate GFR=120 ml/min
urine flow rate V=1 mL/min
Sodium Inulin Creatinine PAH
SNa=150 mEq/L SIn=1 mg/mL SCr=0.01 mg/ml SPAH=
UNa=710 mEq/L UIn=150 mg/mL UCr=1.25 mg/mL UPAH=
CNa=5 mL/min CIn=150 ml/min CCr=125 mL/min CPAH=420 ml/min
ERPF=540 ml/min

Effective renal plasma flow (eRPF) is a measure used in renal physiology[1] to calculate renal plasma flow (RPF) and hence estimate renal function.

Where extraction ratio is the ratio of compound entering the kidney that is excreted into the final urine.

When using a compound with an extraction ratio near 1, such as para-aminohippurate (PAH), eRPF approximates RPF. Therefore, PAH clearance can be used to estimate RPF.


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