Efo riro

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Efo riro
Place of originYorubaland (Western Nigeria)
Region or stateNigeria
Main ingredientsstockfish, scotch bonnets (atarado), tatashe (red bell pepper), onions crayfish, water, palm oil, red onion, leaf vegetables, other vegetables, seasonings, meat

Efo riro (Yoruba: ẹ̀fọ́ riro) is a vegetable soup and a native soup of the Yoruba people of South west Nigeria. The two vegetables most commonly used to prepare the soup are Celosia argentea (ṣọkọ̀ yòkòtò)[1] and Amaranthus hybridus[2] (ẹ̀fọ́ tẹ̀tẹ̀).[3][4]


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