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Industry Internet and Agri-business
Founded Rotterdam, Netherlands (1999)
Headquarters Rotterdam, Netherlands
Key people
J.W. van Odijk
Number of employees
Parent Fay Holding BV
Subsidiaries eFresh India Pvt. Ltd., Smart-Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Website www.efresh.com

eFresh.com is a trade mark of eFresh.com Ltd. It is a privately owned business based in the Netherlands that include business-to-business trade, online retail, a payment platform, business management software and global classified listings.


eFresh.com operates as a business-to-business e-commerce platform[1] in the international fresh produce industry. It provides software, technology, and other services connecting small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers. The company offers a platform for international trade, domestic trade, and retail trade; and provides business services related to trading, transaction financing, and online marketing and management software. The company’s listings displayed on its online marketplace cover the whole range of products and services in various food fresh produce industries, including agriculture, aquaculture, food processing and horticulture.


The company's headquarters are in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The firm also has offices in China, India, Uruguay, and the United States.

Fay Holding Ltd is the majority share holder of the company and is owned by the CEO and Founder Joost W. van Odijk. It also participated in subsequent rounds of financing. Fay Holding Ltd. acquired the portal in February 2010 from GET holding NV. It is now well-funded and focused on international empowerment of farmers and efficient market linkage and traceability.


On eFresh.com fresh and perishable products can be found and traded in several specialized categories, including: coffee, dairy, eggs,[2] fish, seafood, flowers, bulbs, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, potatoes.


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