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Egashira in his performance.

Hideharu Egashira (江頭 秀晴?, Egashira Hideharu, born July 1, 1965, in Chiyoda, Saga), better known by his stage name Egashira 2:50 (江頭2:50?, Egashira Nijigojuppun), is a Japanese comedian.[1] His performance heavily relies on shock value, which the Japanese public sees as obscene and vulgar, wearing his trademark black leggings, and polls conducted in Japan by Oricon and Nikkei Entertainment! have voted him as the most annoying comedian. However, this is only a persona, as discussions on Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! have shown that he is extremely polite and humble when the camera is not rolling. He is known for extremely good manners when dealing with TV staff, which may be part of why he is still on TV. Additionally, his frequent co-stars Yusuke Santamaria, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Ninety-Nine, are declared fans of Egashira.

In 2011, after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster, Egashira rented a truck and distributed food and blankets to the victims of the disaster.

Egashira has visited North Korea, and during the visit a bus guide commented to him "Welcome to most dangerous country in the world". Egashira stated that his reason for the trip was to attempt to meet a member of the Japanese Red Army, which he was able to do.


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