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Ege may refer to:


Given name[edit]


  • Carl Johan Ege (1852-1943), Norwegian banker
  • Cody Ege (born 1991), American baseball player
  • Didem Ege (born 1988), Turkish volleyball player
  • Ece Ege (born 1963), Turkish-French fashion designer
  • George Ege (1748–1829), American politician
  • Hettie Belle Ege (1861-1942), American mathematics professor
  • İbrahim Ege (born 1983), Turkish footballer
  • Julie Ege (1943–2008), Norwegian actress and model
  • Otto Ege (1888–1951), American teacher, lecturer, bookseller, and book-breaker
  • Steinar Ege (born 1972), Norwegian handballer


Other uses[edit]