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McDonald's Egg McMuffin
Nutritional value per 1 sandwich, 7.1 oz (137 g)
Energy 300 kcal (1,300 kJ)
30 g (10%)
Sugars 16 g
Dietary fiber 2 g (8%)
18 g (37%)
Saturated 5 g (24%)
Trans 0
18 g
Vitamin A equiv.
90 μg
Vitamin C
0 mg
Vitamin E
0 mg
300 mg
2.5 mg
820 mg
Other constituents
Energy from fat 110 kcal (460 kJ)
Cholesterol 260 mg (80%)

May vary outside US market.
^† Zero indicates no significant measurable trace.
Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.
Source: McDonald's Nutritional Facts

McMuffin is a family of breakfast sandwiches of various sizes and configurations that are sold by the fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's. The Egg McMuffin is the signature sandwich, which was invented in 1972 by Mr. Herb Peterson to resemble eggs Benedict, a traditional American breakfast dish with English muffins, ham, eggs and hollandaise sauce.[1]

Product description[edit]

In the US and Canada the standard McMuffin consists of a slice of Canadian bacon,[2] a griddle-fried egg, and a slice of American cheese on a toasted and buttered English muffin. The round shape of the egg is made by cooking it in a white plastic ring surrounded by an outer metal structure.[3][1]


The Sausage McMuffin with Egg
  • McMuffin Sausage TS - sausage patty, lettuce, tomato, a special sauce and a slice of Cheddar cheese in an English muffin. Available in Germany[4]
  • Sausage McMuffin with Egg - A sausage patty is substituted for the Canadian bacon, and the cheese side of the muffin is switched. Introduced in 1984. Invention is credited to the innovation of McDonald's franchisees .[citation needed][5] In India, chicken is used for the sausage patty.
  • Sausage McMuffin - A value menu item without the egg.
  • Chicken McMuffin - A breaded chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo and a slice of Cheddar cheese in an English muffin. There is no egg in this McMuffin variant. Available in Hungary and Germany as part of McDonald's regular breakfast menu.[6][4]
  • Bacon and Egg McMuffin - Pieces of streaky bacon are substituted for the Canadian bacon.[7]
  • Massive McMuffin - Ketchup, bacon, egg, American cheese and two sausage patties.
    Available in New Zealand.[8]
  • Mega Muffin - Egg, double sausage, bacon, cheese, and ketchup. Available in South Africa[9] and periodically in Japan as a promotion.[citation needed]
  • Western Omelette McMuffin - Was available in 1990 and 1992; featured a Western omelette (Egg filled with ham, diced onions, and green bell peppers) and American cheese on a toasted English muffin.[10] This variant was sold in Canada from 1984 until 2007 as the "Omelette McMuffin".[citation needed]
  • Veg McMuffin - Available in India to cater to the substantial part of the population in India that doesn't consume egg.[11]
  • Egg McMuffin - 300 calories per serving with 12 grams of fat.[12]
  • McMuffin Chicken & Bacon: A breaded chicken patty, egg, bacon, ketchup, a special sauce and a slice of Cheddar cheese in an English muffin. Available in Germany.[4]
  • Egg White Delight - A variant substituting freshly scrambled egg whites for the normal round egg, and pasteurized process white Cheddar for the American cheese.[13]
  • Farmer's Muffin - A variant with sausage patty, cheddar cheese and horseradish/mustard sauce. Available in Poland. [14]
  • Mighty McMuffin - A variant with sausage patty, two rashers of bacon, cheese, ketchup and egg. Available in Australia. [15]


The McDonald's egg sandwich was invented in 1972.[16] Former McDonald's President Ray Kroc wrote that Herb Peterson and his assistant, Donald Greadel, the operator of a Santa Barbara, California franchise (located at 3940 State Street), asked Kroc to look at something, without giving details because it was:

Peterson had first presented the Egg McMuffin at the Santa Barbara franchise without the knowledge of McDonald's Corporate, which at the time served only lunch and dinner at all their locations. When Corporate discovered the unauthorized breakfast offerings, it initially reprimanded him and threatened him with a number of penalties for breaking the franchise agreement.[citation needed]

The first McDonald's Corporate-authorized Egg McMuffin was served at the Belleville, New Jersey McDonald's in 1972.

In the 1970s, some McDonald's restaurants served Egg McMuffins all day as a promotion.

In several cities, such as Hong Kong, Sausage & Egg McMuffins are served around the clock, because of the prominent use of the egg in meals other than breakfast in those countries; the muffins and sausage patty there are softer than the usual variant to suit local customers. Until 2015, US restaurants usually restricted the item to the breakfast menu. This is mainly because the grill temperature required to cook beef patties is significantly different from the temperature at which eggs are cooked, according to Herb Peterson in a special episode of Unwrapped. Because of this, beef patties and Egg McMuffins cannot be cooked on the same grill, meaning that to keep Egg McMuffins available all day, a store would have to have a separate grill dedicated specifically to Egg McMuffins; this would either mean sacrificing a grill that could have been used for beef patties or buying an additional grill.

Cultural impact[edit]

An attendant at president Donald Trump's "Thank You" speech in Orlando lampooned Independent politician Evan McMullin's last name as "McMuffin", a reference to the McDonald's breakfast item of the same name.[17]


The Massive McMuffin was introduced to coincide with the Australian Football League and Australian National Rugby League seasons of 1998, when McDonald's Australia launched the Footy Burger (now the Double Quarter Pounder), Mini Footy Burger (double Cheeseburger) and Massive McMuffin. The muffin proved so popular that some Australian stores kept the item as a permanent breakfast option.

In the Philippines, to celebrate the annual National Breakfast Day, they distribute free McMuffins for the first 100 customers in all branches nationwide from 6 am until supplies last, with optional McCafe coffee for an additional charge.

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