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Norefjell mountain range seen from Sokna

Eggedal consisting of the northwestern half of Sigdal Kommune in Buskerud county, Norway. [1]


Eggedal is located to the west of the Norefjell mountain range. In all other directions, the terrain rises quite steeply. There is farmland on the valley floor. The sprawling, meandering valley of Eggedal was formed by the Eggedøla River. It begins as the Haglebu river a few miles north of Lake Haglebuvatna with top sources in the regions bordering Nes and Nore og Uvdal. As it passes through Eggedal, the river is known as the Eggedøla until it reaches Lake Soneren. as it exits the lake, the name is changed to the Simoa river.[2][3]

Eggedal West Mountain (Eggedal Vestfjell) has hiking and skiing in large undisturbed natural areas. The cabin area is bordered to the south by the largest nature reserve Trillemarka. These trails are in hiking country in the main from 700 and up to 1100m. The tracks are also associated with the trail at Norefjell where the highest point is 1,460 m. [4]

Hagan, the former home of Norwegian painter and writer Christian Skredsvig, is situated in Eggedal with a clear view of the valley. Hagan, which was for many years an artist studio, is now a museum. Both the house and the studio are still much the same as they were when Christian Skredsvig lived here.

Eggedal Mølle is a museum in Eggedal. Previously, it had been a small water mill and is the only water-powered mill left in Norway. The mill was built in 1912 and was in operation until 1965. The mill was restored and put into operation again with hydropower. [5]

Eggedal Church

Eggedal Church[edit]

Eggedal is an ecclesiastical division rather than a political division. It consists of the portion of the municipality Sigdal served by the Eggedal Church. The church is located near the center of the parish. Eggedal Church dates from 1878. The church was designed by the Norwegian architectural firm of Støren and Stenstrup. It is built of wood and has 300 seats. Access to the site is via Rv287. Eggedal Church is in the Sigdal Joint Parish Council of Tunsberg diocese. [6] [7]


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Coordinates: 60°14′N 9°22′E / 60.233°N 9.367°E / 60.233; 9.367