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Type Cake
Region or state Hong Kong; Guangzhou
Main ingredients Flour, butter, eggs, sugar, evaporated milk
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Eggies are a type of common local snack found in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (known in Taiwan as egg cake). Mixed together with sugar, eggs, flour and evaporated milk into creamy solution, it is poured into a beehive-like saucepan and roasted at a controlled temperature. When it is finally cooked, it tends to be of a golden yellow colour with the smell of freshly baked cake. Inflated in the middle of each pore, it is quite crispy yet spongy.


Originating in the 1950s, a grocery shop owner created the eggies as he did not wish to waste any broken eggs. Thus, he added flour and butter with the broken eggs, mixing it into a creamy solution and roasted it inside a specific container, creating the beehive-like structure of eggies.

To the grocery shop owner's surprise, the eggies was a great success and later grew to be extremely popular among locals. In the past, eggies were created using duck eggs as they were both cheaper than normal eggs and gave eggies a better taste.


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