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Eggjarnar, view towards south to Beinisvørð

Eggjarnar (also called Skúvanes, 200 metres above sea level) is a place south of the village of Vágur on Suðuroy island in the Faroe Islands, which is known for its scenic viewpoint to the sea-cliffs of the southern part of Suðuroy all the way to Beinisvørð in the south and to Vágseiði and Gjógvaráfjall in the north.

The Loran-A Station[edit]

During World War II the Americans built a LORAN A station south of Vágur on Eggjarnar and raised four high masts, LORAN referring to long-range navigation. The first signal went on air on 15 October 1943. The British military which had occupied the Faroe Islands shortly after Germany occupied Denmark, used the Loran-A station to guide British aircraft and ships across the Atlantic. The Loran-A station continued to work after the war ended, it was taken over by the Danes in 1946; and it was in function until December 1977.[1] The ruins of the Loran-A station and of some of the other buildings from the World War II period can still be seen on Eggjarnar.


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Coordinates: 61°27′25″N 6°49′48″W / 61.457°N 6.830°W / 61.457; -6.830