Eggs (band)

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Origin Washington, DC, United States
Genres Indie rock, Power pop
Years active 1990–1995
Labels TeenBeat
Past members Andrew Beaujon
Dave Park
Marianne McGee
John Rickman
Rob Christiansen
Evan Shurak
Ian Jones
Jane Buscher
Brian Markovitz
Jacquelyn Briskman
Patrick Gough

Eggs was a Washington, DC based indie rock band centered on Andrew Beaujon. The band was active in the early to mid 1990s and was signed to prominent indie pop record label TeenBeat Records.



  • Bruiser (1992) Teenbeat 76
  • Teenbeat 96 Exploder (1994) Teenbeat 96
  • How Do You Like Your Lobster? - A Collection Of Crustaceans And Flotsam (compilation of singles, 1995) Teenbeat 156


  • "Skyscraper" / "Ocelot" (1992) Teenbeat 66
  • "Pit with Spikes" / "A Sparkling Mix" (1993) Teenbeat 116
  • "Sexual Tension" (1993) Jade Tree
  • "The Government Administrator" / "Sugar Babe" (1993) Hemiola 3
  • "Genetic Engineering" / "Genetic Engineers" (1994) Teenbeat 136

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