Egil Kapstad

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Egil Kapstad
Born (1940-08-06) 6 August 1940 (age 76)
Oslo, Norway
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, arranger
Instruments Piano

Egil Kapstad (born 6 August 1940) is a Norwegian jazz pianist, composer and arranger. He stands behind the music for more than 50 productions for theater, and has also composed for film and television drama. Kapstad has written a number of classical works for orchestra, choir, string quartet, and smaller ensembles, and was a chief executive of the association Ny Musikk. He has also worked as a host in television for NRK. Egil Kapstad's Trio worked as a small orchestra in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix of 1965.[1][2]


Kapstad was born in Oslo. He teaches jazz history and improvisation at the Musikkonservatoriet i Kristiansand. He has contributed as pianist on more than 60 albums, and is known for his longstanding collaboration with poet Jan Erik Vold. He has played with jazz greats like Karin Krog, Chet Baker, Red Mitchell, Bjørn Johansen, Bjarne Nerem, Jon Larsen and Magni Wentzel.[1]

Kapstad has received numerous awards and honors. He received Norsk jazzforbund's Buddyprisen in 1977, NOPA's award for the work of the year, (Epilog) in 1984, Gammleng-prisen in the class jazz in 1985 and was awarded Spellemannprisen in the class jazz twice, for the record Cherokee at the 1989 award of Spellemannprisen and Remembrance with the Egil Kapstad Trio at the 1994 award of Spellemannprisen.[1][2]

Kapstad became a government scholar in 2003.[3]


Compositions (selection)[edit]


As leader
  • Syner (1967)
  • …spiller Einar Schanke (1979)
  • Friends (1980)
  • Epilog – Bill Evans in Memoriam (1984)
  • Cherokee (1988)
  • Remembrance (1993)
  • Wolfvoices (2003)
As sideman


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