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Egil Yngvar Olbjørn (3 August 1902 – 1 February 1982) was a Norwegian police leader.

He came to prominence during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany, as a member of Nasjonal Samling and supporter of Jonas Lie. He headed the police branch Ordenspolitiet. To a certain degree he tried to resist German control, and was imprisoned for a short period in the autumn of 1944. He was saved from prison by Jonas Lie,[1] and Olbjørn stood by Lie's side when they entrenched themselves at Skallum on 8 May 1945 after the Nazi capitulation; however Olbjørn gave up, and left Skallum some days before Lie (who died there on 11 May).[2]

Olbjørn is also known as a judge (together with Karl Marthinsen and Egil Reichborn-Kjennerud) in the special court that sentenced Gunnar Eilifsen to death in 1943.[3] During the legal purge in Norway after World War II, Olbjørn was sentenced harshly for Nazi collaboration.[1]


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