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Industry engineering and consulting services
Headquarters Guyancourt, France
Revenue Increase €800 million (2011)
Number of employees
Increase 11,000 (2011)

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Egis Group is a French engineering group involved in the areas of infrastructure and transport systems, planning, water and environment. Egis is also involved in the business of setting up projects and operations for roads and airports.


Egis, a subsidiary of the French “Caisse des Dépôts” and “Iosis Partenaires” (shareholding by executive partners and employees) on a 75%-25% basis, is a consulting and engineering group working in the fields of construction for transport, urban development, buildings, industry, water, the environment and energy. The group is also involved in project financing, tolling, road and airport operations. The new group results from the merger, on 1 January 2011, of Egis, a leader in infrastructure engineering and Iosis, a French leader in construction and civil nuclear engineering. Egis provides engineering services in the field of urban development, from buildings to transport infrastructure: hospitals, tertiary buildings, stadiums, museums, stations, airports, tramways; and major transport and civil engineering projects: high-speed railway lines, motorways, port terminals, civil nuclear engineering, etc.; as well as sectors such as water, the environment and landscaping.

Skills and Organization[edit]

Egis Group has interests in many areas, offering a broad range of services, as follows:


  • Roads
  • Urban & Rail Transport
  • Maritime & Inland Waterways Transport
  • Airports & Air Navigation
  • Systems & “Soft” Transport

Building & Urban Development

  • Offices
  • Health, Justice, Culture, Housing, Teaching
  • Sports Facilities, Hotels, Leisure Activities
  • Commercial centers, Stations, Air Terminals
  • Urban Development, New Cities, Eco-districts

Industry, Energy & Civil Engineering

  • Tunnels, Structures
  • Nuclear Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnics, Dams
  • Mines, Industry
  • Major Science Projects

Water & Environment

  • Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage Systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Environment
  • Waste & Polluted Soils

Egis Group in North America[edit]

Egis Group, through Egis Projects Canada, operates the Golden Ears Bridge in British Columbia: an All Electronic Toll bridge in Metro Vancouver. Egis Group were also selected, as part of a consortium with CS America named Secure Interagency Flow, to build and run a pilot interoperability hub for ATI: the Alliance for Toll Interoperability.[1]


  1. ^ The consortium Secure Interagency Flow were one of four companies selected for the pilot phase of the project: the aim of which is to provide tolling ineteroperability between state-wide toll agencies. Further details and updates can be found on the ATI website

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