Eglish (barony)

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An Eaglais (Irish)
Baronies of County Offaly. Eglish is shaded yellow.
Baronies of County Offaly. Eglish is shaded yellow.
Sovereign stateRepublic of Ireland
 • Total116.13 km2 (44.84 sq mi)

Eglish (Irish: An Eaglais), also called Fercale (Fir Ceall) is a barony in County Offaly (formerly King's County), Republic of Ireland.


The names Eglish (An Eaglais, "the church") and Fercale (Fir Ceall, "men of the churches") both refer to churches.[1]


Eglish is located in west County Offaly. It contains Lough Coura.


Eglish was territory of the Ó Maolmhuaidh (O'Molloy) of the Southern Uí Néill, prince of Firceall (Fir Cell, "men of the churches").[2] During its existence Firceall was the location of a number of ancient abbeys and castles. The church at Lynally (near Tullamore) formed the parish church until the foundation of parish churches at Rahan, Killoughey, Ballyboy, Drumcullen and Eglish. A number of known ancient abbeys were located at Drumcullen, Killyon, Kilcormac and Rahan.

List of settlements[edit]

Below is a list of settlements in Eglish: